What to Look for When Choosing a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring that your partner will truly adore is not so easy. The fact that there is such a huge variety of stones and ring settings out there makes the whole job even more complicated. One thing is for certain and that is that if the ring doesn’t have a nice shiny sparkly stone in all probability it will not be the greatest engagement ring.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is not only a very important task but also an expensive one. Therefore, getting to know your alternatives right from the start is more likely to make the task easier. Additionally it is about guaranteeing that the thousands of dollars you are willing to spend for that special someone are being put to buy the right item possible.

1. Budget

The price range for engagement rings is enormous; therefore to narrow your search down, you will have to primary decide upon a practical amount of cash you want to spend. When that’s completed, you need to look for a great jeweler who provides not just quality, but also wonderful designs. Taking advice from your woman friends as well as your fiance’s friends may well be a wise decision too.

2. Metal

The ring could be crafted from yellow or white gold, and even platinum. Typically women have a preference so make sure to know what your fiancé likes. Platinum is a very top quality metal however high quality implies that it is also more costly.

3. Diamond

You could decide on solitaire, accent stone setting, or a cluster. But nevertheless, what is a lot more important than that is to go for a diamond that passes the 4C test – cut, clarity, colour, carat weight

Cut: It is possible to choose from a list of shapes such as round, oval, princess, cushion, or heart. 對戒, regardless of what shape you select, make sure you pick one that has a good quality cut. The cut is what determines the value of the diamond, and only the ideal cut will reflect light properly and make the diamond sparkle. If the diamond is cut to deep or shallow, it lets the light escape from other parts of the diamond and not only through the top surface and this is what makes the diamond appear dull.

Clarity: Clarity is determined by the presence of microscopic characteristics that are found on or inside the stone right since its creation. Diamonds that have no microscopic characteristics are rarely discovered, and thus, are more expensive.

Color – White diamonds are not all the exact same color white and if the diamond contains a faint yellow tinge the price will be quite a lot cheaper. If you buy a diamond which has a yellow tinge and have it set in yellow gold it could actually look absolutely stunning and it without doubt will be a more affordable than a white diamond.

Carat – The carat refers to the size of the stone. Most ladies would undoubtedly favor a much bigger stone but one musn’t forget that the size will affect the price. As pointed out earlier in this article you could opt for a stone that has a moderate tinge of yellow and poorer clarity however you should never compromise on the cut as the cut is what will give the diamond its stunning sparkle.