What Exactly Is Avaline Wine?

       Avaline Wine is the new trend. With society leaning towards a healthier lifestyle, Avaline wine is following in suit. This brand preaches its clean-labeled products. Avaline has no unnecessary additives or preservatives that alter the flavor, color, or taste. It is all-natural, transparent wine. It is a clean wine that is still delicious and enjoyable. 

What Makes Avaline Better Than Conventional Wines?

            There are no regulations that force conventional wines to share their ingredients. They disclose very little about their product which should be alarming. Many conventional wines use additives and preservatives that are extremely harmful to people’s health. Avaline wine is the complete opposite. It preaches transparency and honesty with every bottle. There are no additional ingredients in the wine. In fact, Avaline has as few ingredients as possible while still providing a delicious flavor. Avaline is also completely vegan and organic. It doesn’t use any animal parts to enhance its flavor like many conventional wines. Also, it uses organic grapes and soils which means it is free of preservatives. Conventional wines use many different preservatives and pesticides to alter their grapes. These pesticides are dangerous to the human body and have many health risks. Avaline wine is completely natural and healthy while still keeping its delicious flavor.

Why Did Cameron Diaz Decide To Create Avaline?

            Cameron Diaz is a huge health advocate. She really focuses on a clean-labeled, simple food lifestyle, but she still likes to enjoy herself. Wine is a staple product in her life, but one day she realized that she had no clue what was actually in her wine bottle. She learned that many wine companies share very little about their product. This led her to create her own brand that was clean and delicious. She wanted to give people a wine that they could trust and love. Avaline wine was her way to show the world what was important to her.