Supplies Primer

It’s been medically proven that owning a pet is beneficial to your health. All pets provide friendship, compassion and loyalty, but dogs seem to possess these traits more than any other animal. Dogs also relieve stress and help attract friends/love interests more than any other pet. Because of these obvious benefits, why not treat your pet to the best dog supplies?

The first things any dog owner should have are a quality leash and collar. Leashes come in two types: standard and retractable. Standard leashes are usually made from thick nylon and they are good for keeping your animal close. Most trainers pet food near me having one of these leashes during the training period of a dog’s life because they instill obedience and closeness with the dog’s master. For small dogs and puppies, many people like to buy retractable leashes. Retractables can reach between 20 and 30 feet, indulging a puppy’s natural sense of inquisitiveness. However, it’s very easy to get the cord tangled in bushes or trees if you let your animal get too far.

Collars are also necessary to hold your animal’s identification tags. Free ranging dogs often get into trouble and many get picked up by Animal Control, where they run the risk of being put to sleep and at the least it will cost you a pretty penny to free them. Most collar-packaging will help you figure out the correct size for your animal, but common sense plays a large part. For instance, a half-inch width will not be sufficient to control a Great Dane.

Training collars are available to help train dogs not to bark or venture out of their yards. These work by sending a small electronic shock detected by the vibrations in the dog’s vocal chord. With the invisible dog fence collars, the owner sets up a barrier around their house and if the dog oversteps the line, they also receive a small shock. Other training collars include choke chains, which tighten around your pet’s neck when they stray too far. Shock and choke collars have proven to be effective training tools, but many people are not comfortable with inflicting pain on their dogs and consider the collars to be cruel.

Other important dog supplies include the type of food that you feed your pet. Because dogs need different nutrients throughout their lives, it’s impossible to say that one brand or food company is the best. The foods that get the highest consumer ratings, however, are brands that contain less grains and more potatoes and carbohydrates. Foods that also incorporate meats such as turkey, chicken in addition to high-quality fruits are also the best for your dog. The only downside to these foods is that the high amount of protein may cause your pet discomfort at first while it adjusts to the diet. Puppies should not eat food this rich.

Toys are optional, but you’ll be happy when you find them chewing on a rope bone rather than your expensive shoes. All puppies go through a chewing stage because it helps them with their oral development. Chew toys are designed to encourage them to not chew on household items/furniture.