Learning Spanish Fluently

Learning Spanish can be exasperating and confusing, especially if you’re trying to remember if a word is boronia or feminine, if you had used it properly in the sentence, and if you pronounced it right! It becomes worse if you’re under pressure to learn, like if your scheduled business trip is looming on the horizon.

First of all, you need to work on making your ears accept Spanish. Now while Spanish has a few strange ways of constructing their words, written language is vastly different from the spoken one. You must learn how to listen to how it sounds, and the best way to do that is to surround yourself with the spoken Spanish language. Why not take a look at the Spanish singers? You might find one whose voice and music you enjoy, then listen to him or her all the time.

Switch your cable channels over to Spanish instead of English. Even just watching half an hour of Spanish everyday does a lot to help. Why not watch the world news in Spanish? If you have a basic idea of what the news is all about through CNN or BBC, watching it on Spanish news will make understanding it easier.

Don’t stop speaking! The only way to say is right is to speak it. It’s like a person that studies how to drive a car but has never gotten behind the wheel. He can tell you all the driving rules but will probably bump into something on his first trip out. Speaking Spanish requires constant practice, just like driving. You don’t need to speak to a person at first. Take yourself out for test drives with online language tutors or practice lessons with a Spanish-speaking friend. You can also record yourself reading a bit of Spanish material and listen how a native speaker reads it. Then, compare how the two of you sound.