for the One I Love

There was a time when I thought that what life would be without you? A single thought of that would give me chills and I used to suddenly shake my head. Now I am going through that phase. Only I know what does it feel to live without you. It’s a pain, never ending pain.

Do you still have that book of Jaun Elia that I gave you? If you do keep it safe and donot forget those verses that I highlihted in them. Keep them safe and close to your heart, if you Love Shayari.

There are some verses of love poetry that I want to share with you as well. I dedicate this love shayari to you.I hope these touch your heart as they did touch mine.

Ap k baad har ghari mein ne

Ap k sath hi guzari hai

Tu nahi hai to phir teri khushboo

Ghar ki deewar hilaney aye

Ap ab poochney ko aye hain

Dill mein jaan marr gaya kab

Tu jo mill jaye to taqdeer nigoon ho jaye

Yun na tha mein ne faqat chaha tha yun ho jaye

Nazar k samney jab ho na koi tere siwa

Mein teri simt na dekhoon to phir dekhoon

This is not it,there is more for you.

Kaash mein terey ahseen hath ka kangan hota.Tu barey pyar se chao se barey maan k sath.Apni nazuk c kalai men charhati mujhe.Aur betabi sey furqat key khazan lamhon mein.Tu kisi soch mein doobi jo ghuati mujhe ko.Mein tery hath ki khusboo se mehat sa jata.Jab kabhi mood men aakar mujhe chooma karti.Terey hoonton ki mein hidda ses dehak sa jaata.Kuch nahi to yehi be naam sa bandhan hota.Kaash mein terye haseen hath ka kangan hota.This nazm is written by Wasi Shah and I dedicate this to you. I found to this love shayari on newyzyta.